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Activity 1


Today i'd like you to use your understanding of oewh and ay  to complete the Animal Mosaic. 


You will need dark pink, light pink, orange, grey, black and white coloured pencils.

Activity 2


To warm up, play these games on Phonics Play:


Flashcards: Speed trials

Flashcards: Time Challenge


Today we are going to be revisiting the igh phoneme.


Can you read the Kite Festival Phoneme Spotter and find all the igh phonemes.



The igh phoneme might be written as one of these graphemes:

ie        y        i­_e        igh        i



Activity 3


Can you sort my list of words into the correct columns?
























fried        fright        try        right        quite         replied

crisis        hide        line        shine        fry        pie        flying       

strike        tonight        tried        describe       light        kind       

high        find        slice       cry        eyes        blind        dry       



Activity 4


Can you read these igh sentences?


Can you write down the different igh phonemes that you can see in these sentences?


For your last task this week, i'd like you to look back on all of the igh words we have revisited this week and put as many as you can into sentences.