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Poem of the Day read by Miss Tucker


  This week we are going to continue our learning on statistics. We will be looking mainly at pictograms and bar charts as well as a few other tables. We will use the work from our text books (the pictures are below and you have been allocated the lessons on your Power Maths accounts if you would prefer to use this) for the first part of the week.

  Have a look at the BBC Bitesize below to find out some more about different tables.

  The picture below is the Discover page that we usually look at together after you have written your LO. Have a look at this and see if you can figure out the answer. Once you have done this, look at the Share page next to it to see if you were correct. Did you use the same method as the book? 
  The picture below is your Think Together page that we normally look at in pairs or groups. Spend 5 – 10 minutes looking at this page, remember it’s not about answering all the questions, it’s about getting your brain started. You can write down as much or as little to help you. The answers for these questions are in a document below. How did you do?
  I have also uploaded the questions you would normally do in your book and the answers you would use to mark. Spend about half an hour on these, remember how many questions you normally manage to answer in class, try to finish about that many.

[Just Dance 2019] Pac-Man Dance Gameplay

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English/ Topic

  Today we are going to look at simple sentences, we are going to think about what we need to make a simple sentence. Sentences need to have a verb, a doing or a being word, in them. If you can, have a watch of the video below and try the tasks that the teacher sets you on the video. You will need a pencil, notebook and your brain turned on! As an extra challenge, can you write some simple sentences about the country you researched last week?

  If you can’t watch the video have a look at the sheets below:

  Can you find the verbs in the sentences and rewrite the sentences with more interesting synonyms (words that mean the same thing) of the verbs?

Then, can you rearrange the sentences in the second document to make simple sentences.

Can you write simple sentences about the country you researched last week?


  This term we are going to look at researching and presenting information. Take a look at the PowerPoint and videos below. Can you use these tips to help you search for information about a country? You could look for information about the country you researched, another country or one of the countries we are going to be learning about later in the term (Mexico, Peru and Norway).

How Google Search Works (in 5 minutes)

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4 Safe and Smart Online Search Tips for Kids

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  Have a look at the Spanish learning that Mrs Taylor has prepared for you this week. Click the link below.


Part 1 of chapter 15 of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.'