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This topic lesson links in nicely with our Science lesson yesterday as we will be sorting dinosaurs according to whether they were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores.



I have chosen a clip of some dinosaurs grazing - as most dinosaurs were herbivores. I decided not to add a video of any dinosaurs eating other dinosaurs! I shall leave that up to your parents to decide if you can watch any clips of carnivorous dinosaurs!



Today's Task:


I have attached a Lesson Presentation about today's learning. Have a look through and sort the creatures into the correct section of the Venn diagram.

Challenge Task:


You may also like to research some interesting facts about the eating habits of your favourite dinosaur, or find out the answers to some of these questions:


Do you think the T Rex was a predator or a scavenger?


Were most dinosaurs meat-eaters or plant-eaters?


Which dinosaurs were bigger - plant-eaters or meat-eaters?


How did brachiosaurus get so big by eating plants and not meat?


How much food could a T-Rex eat in a day?


Were there omnivorous dinosaurs?