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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Groups:


Today in Letters and Sounds, we are going to learn how to write the and to. To do this we are going to play a really fun game called: the floor is lava. You just need about 10 pieces of plain paper and some pens. On each piece of paper ask your child to write either the or toYou can write the word on the paper for your child to go on top of.


Now spread all the words out on the floor. Say the word to. Your child has to make it from one side of the room to the other only treading on the to words. Make sure you don't wobble off the words and fall into the lava! You are welcome to add more tricky words to make it more of a challenge.


Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


We continue with our Phase 4 revision today. 

In today's video you will learn to read the tricky words there and are. You will also learn to read much longer words, like 'children', by chunking the words to help you. 

Visit the Phonics Play website and play the game Buried Treasure, select Phase 4 and all the Phase 4 sounds.


Challenge Task:

If you would like a challenge, please see the attached Phase 4 Phonics Mosaic Activity. 

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:


Today we are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the er grapheme.

Watch today's video to find out more: 



Visit the Phonics Play website and play Acorn Adventures selecting Phase 5 and the 'er' grapheme.



Here is an optional worksheet to accompany today's learning of alternative pronunciations of the 'er' grapheme.