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To start off today's lesson have a look at Robert Irwin's Dino Ventures programme on you tube. They are about a minute each. Let me know what you think about these short programmes. Did you learn any interesting facts?

When did dinosaurs roam the Earth?


Dinosaurs were the main animals on land for over a hundred million years. 


They didn't all live at the same time though. Dinosaur times are split up into 3 different periods. Have a look at the image below:


Take a look at the image below.


Can you name any dinosaurs that lived in the Triassic period? What about the Jurassic and the Cretaceous period?

Where did dinosaurs live?


Dinosaurs lived all over the world!


For much of dinosaur times, the Earth had only one big mass of land, that slowly separated into the continents we know today.


Watch the video below for more information: 

Today's Lesson Task:


Think of a dinosaur and describe it to someone in your family. They have to guess which dinosaur you are! Remember to use adjectives to describe the dinosaur. For example, “I am big. I have a long neck and a long tail. I like to eat the leaves in the trees.” You could use an information book to help you find out what they look like. To be super impressive, perhaps you could mention which time period your dinosaur was alive in - the Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous Period.

To end the lesson: 


Click on this link to learn how to say some really tricky dinosaur names!