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Cross Country Saturday 28th January 2023

We have been using tens frames to represent numbers.

Baking our own Gingerbread Men

We read Handa`s Surprise and then we tasted lots of different fruits. We made a graph to show the most popular fruit.

Celebrating birthdays November 2022

We have been learning why we celebrate birthdays

People Who Help Us. 

We learnt about the NHS and how important doctors and nurses are. We role played doctors and nurses all week. We loved using the equipment. Poor Mrs Stembridge had a lot of bandages, injections and plasters!

World Cup Football

England`s first match 21/11/22

We did football tasks with Mr Mullender and could watch the football if we wanted to.


We went into an assembly and all did a fingerprint poppy. We learnt about respect.

Odd Sock Day for anti bullying

We learnt about being kind to each other

Every minute is learning time

We are still learning during tidy up time!

Working collaboratively

Rocket phonics class shared reading. We work in pairs to read the book together. This book is called Ants and has all the letter sounds we have covered so far ... s a t p i n It also has the tricky word "the" for us to spot on every page.

Autumn Art. We read Stick Man and Leaf Man and then used our imagination and turned conkers into faces and used leaves and sticks to make faces and people. We also made conker necklaces.

Green Week - This week we have been learning all about saving the planet. Lots of children could describe the things they are doing in their homes to help the environment. We discussed recycling and pollution.

The rain does not stop us! Miss Silcox made bubbly puddles in the rain for us to ride through. We wrote our names in chalk and watched what happened when we rode over them in the rain.

Playdoh funny faces



Parachute games and Write Dance

Lunch. We choose our lunch and carry our own trays.

We used loose parts to create faces inside and outside.

We have been looking at our own faces in a mirror. We used paints, felt tips, scissors & glue, and loose parts to make our own faces and funny faces. We read lots of books to show that we are all different and embrace our differences.

We have all had a wonderful first week in Orange Class. We have been using scissors and created our first class display.

We learn inside and outside in Orange Class

Our Classroom Environment