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For today's maths I am going to give you two options. The first option is to make draw a bird's eye view of your garden. If you have a tape measure, you could measure your garden and then scale it down to draw on a page. So for example, if your garden is 15 metres long by 5 metres wide you could scale it down and draw it in centimetres. 15 metres is 1500cms, which you could then divide by 100 so you would draw a 15 cm line. My scale would 1:100. 

If you decide to measure and draw your garden, could you tell me the perimeter and area?

Perimeter and Area

Option number two is to use the data you collected about birds yesterday and apply our fractions knowledge to it. 1 will represent all the birds you counted yesterday so we can represent different types of birds with fractions. See my simple example below.


Pigeons 3

House Sparrows 7


In total, I saw 10 birds so my denominator would be tenths as there will be ten total parts.


Three of my parts were Pigeons so the fraction that was Pigeons was 3/10.


Seven of my parts were House Sparrows so the fraction that was House Sparrows was 7/10.


How would your data look?