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Tuesday 23 November

LETTERS AND SOUNDS Click on the link below. Can you read these captions? Remember to use your robot voice to say the sounds to read the words. Can you also add the detail to the picture and then colour it in beautifully?


Please write your name. Is it your best writing? Would Mrs Stembridge, Miss Nutt and Miss Silcox be impressed?

Today our word is bell. Get a piece of paper and write the word bell lots of times on your page. If you would like a challenge try and write the following sentence. It is a bell.

MATHS Click on the link below. Can you look at the number and then colour the right number of objects? If you find this easy can you make up one of these sheets for someone else to do?


Find a box and some cellotape or masking tape and decide what you would like that box to be. Have fun being imaginative and turning your box into something amazing. When you have finished explain clearly what your model is, and how you made it. Can you make any amendments to your model to make it even better?