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Friday 21st January

Letters and Sounds

Today we are going to recap all of the digraphs we have covered this week: oo, ar and or. Last week we looked at ai, ee, igh, and oa. Below are some reading comprehensions where you need to read the sentence and then draw the matching picture. If you are finding the digraphs tricky to spot, your grown-up could highlight all the digraphs first using a coloured pencil. This will make the words easier to sound out.

For your handwriting challenge today, can you write the sentence: The book is on the hook. Don't forget your capital letter, finger spaces and full stop. 


Today in maths you will need two bowls and ten counters/buttons/small characters. Can you split the 10 counters into the two bowls in as many different ways as you can? You might have 10 counters in one bowl and zero in the other: 10 + 0 = 10. You might put 8 counters in one bowl and 2 in the other: 8 + 2 = 10. How many ways can you find? 


For a challenge your grown up can put a number in their bowl e.g. 4 and you have to work out in your head how many you will have in your bowl. Can you remember number bonds to 10? Or alternatively you could write a list of the calculations as number sentences.


Today we are going to make a fruit salad with any fruit that you have at home. With the help of your grown up, see if you can carefully cut up a banana, orange, pear, melon, grapes with a blunt knife and a chopping board. You will need your grown-up to show you how to do this. You could set up a teddy bears picnic with your toys and enjoy eating your fruit salad!