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Fruit and Vegetables

This week we are learning about fruit and vegetables and are going to design our own recipes!


First I'd like you to have a think about why you think eating fruit and vegetables is important.

Can you think, pair, share with someone you live with?

Then I'd like you to go through the slideshow to learn about why it is important for us all to eat healthily. Look carefully at the food plate.



A new restaurant wants to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables so that we stay healthy. They have asked us to design some new, healthy recipes for them. This could be a fruit or vegetable salad, or a fruit or vegetable smoothie.  

Your recipe must be

  • made from fruits and/or vegetables
  • colourful
  • tasty
  • healthy

Before you design your plate, have a think about how you can make sure your recipe is super tasty, how you can make sure your recipe will be colourful and how you can make sure your recipe will be healthy.

Can you write a list of the ingredients that your recipe will use?

Can you draw a design of your salad or smoothie?

Can you think about what utensils you might need? Maybe something to peel some vegetables or a knife to cut up the fruit.


Extra Challenge

If you want to challenge yourself even more, can you put my sentences in the correct order? I've got all muddled up and need your help!