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Good morning everyone. I have a couple of options for you again today. You could go back and try some of my suggestions from Tuesday or yesterday. You could take your bird's eye view drawing, which is drawn to scale, and add a grid to it. You could label the grid and describe the locations of key locations in your garden using coordinates. These might be key locations for the birds or for you. I have shown you an example that is often used in maths questions. Maybe you could create your own questions based on your garden.

Describing position

If you created fractions out of your bird data, you could now try to turn those factions into percentages. Maybe you could then create a pie chart! You would need to know the degrees in a full turn (360) and divide that by 100. This would mean each percent equals 3.6 degrees. So my Pigeon part of the pie (30%) would be 108 degrees. My House Sparrow part (70%) would be 252 degrees. 108+252 = 360 so the full circle would be filled. 


You could also take your original data (3 Pigeons and 7 House Sparrows) and calculate the degrees from there. 3 + 7 equals 10 so 360 degrees needs to be divided into 10 parts giving each part 36 degrees. So 3 Pigeons would be 3 x 36 and 7 House Sparrows would be 7 x 36. Pigeons would be 108 degrees and House Sparrows would be 252 degrees.


I have included a video below.

Drawing Pie Charts - Primary