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Year 3

Science week

This week we have been joining in with our school science week. This week our theme is colours. We have already done some fantastic observations and drawings of flowers (white carnations) and celery in water mixed with food colouring. We have drawn a new picture each day to observe the changes throughout the week. We have also looked at the ways different coloured cellophane affects light from a torch and have made bracelets with UV beads which we will take a closer look at tomorrow. Take a look at the Year 3 gallery page to see some pictures of our exciting learning this week.

  We began our exploration of colours and science this week by playing the game below: can you manage to say the colours and not the words? How fast can you complete it?

 Power Maths

  There is a PowerPoint and YouTube video uploaded in the curriculum tab which give a little guidance and explanation on how to use Power Maths at home. I hope this is helpful.

  Miss Tucker

 Maths week beginning 7th December

  This week we will be looking at problem solving using multiplication and division. We will be using the bar model to help identify the maths that we need to do in order to answer problems. I have attached a link below to a website which has a clear explanation of the bar model and how to use it as this can be a very helpful and simple way to help us understand what a question is asking us to do.

  There is an interactive bar model that you have access to on Power Maths if you woiuld like to have a look at this.

 Snow 4/12/204

  Today the children came in very excited to talk about the snow that had fallen overnight. We decided to postpone our writing about the Iron to next week in order to take the opportunity to write about the snow. The children have done a fantastic job and written some beautiful and imaginative stories and poems, inspired by the snow. 

  The children will have the opportunity to finish their writing for early morning work across the next week and I look forward to sharing some of their work with you on our class gallery when they have completed this. 


Class Emails

  The class email address has been updated and is now  

Please note that the email address was changed over half term so if you sent an email at this time it may not have been received.

Thank you

Miss Tucker


  This week Blue Class are going to be working on becoming more independent in terms of the children being responsible for sorting out their new reading book to take home. I will be talking to the children about how our new system will be working on the 6th of October. Please do bear with us as we help the children to adjust to this new responsibility. 

  We are very impressed with the reading of the class as a whole and are enjoying reading with the children as we find time to do so. 

  Thank you