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Tuesday 30th November




A couple of weeks ago, we started to think about the characters of the Ugly Sisters from our play and how they are portrayed both in our production and in other shows and movies. This was all building up to a piece of descriptive writing where we will be writing a character description of Imelza and Bellona.


We started to develop descriptions of these characters by looking at the lyrics of the song 'Ugly' and seeing how similes and metaphors are used to create an image in our minds. We also looked at other character descriptions and saw how expanded noun phrases are used to describe too. While we began developing our own expanded noun phrases, we needed to refine these to ensure that we had produced the best writing possible.


Today, I'd like you to have a look through the learning activities below and try to write your own expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors to describe the Ugly Sisters and start to think about uplevelled verbs that you can use too to ensure your writing is the best it can be.


Please try to complete this work as independently as possible as I would like to see what you know and what you have learned up to this point. Tomorrow, we will be writing the final character descriptions. 

Creative Arts


The children in school will be rehearsing for the production this afternoon so please take some time to learn your lines and your stage directions and have a sing along with some of our songs.