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Our writing focus for this week:


This week, we will be writing a non-fiction piece of writing.

You will be writing an information fact sheet all about your favourite dinosaur. 



What is the difference between FICTION and NON-FICTION?


Today's learning focus: 


During today's lesson, you will be deciding which dinosaur your fact sheet will be about. You will then spend this lesson, researching (finding) some interesting facts about your chosen dinosaur and writing them down as a spidergram!


To find out more, click on the Powerpoint Presentation that I have put together. 

The following you tube clips may help you with your research:

Tyrannosaurus Rex Facts - Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - CBeebies

Diplodocus Facts - Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - CBeebies

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - Triceratops Facts - CBeebies

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - Stegosaurus Facts - CBeebies