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"I Have A Dream"

Martin Luther King Jr played such a huge role in helping black people secure their rights in 1950s and 60s America. He led so many amazing marches and protests but the thing that he is perhaps best known for is his speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C. on the 28th August, 1963 - "I Have A Dream".


Martin Luther King Jr's dream was that one day all people (no matter what race, age, gender...) would be given equal rights and, more importantly, treated equally. Unfortunately, today's Black Lives Matter protesters have exactly the same dreams which suggests that although we have come a long, long way, we still have more work to do. 


This week, I would love you to write your own 'I Have A Dream' speech that reflects the world now and what you would like to change. You could even practise performing it in the style of Martin Luther King - strong, powerful and full of heart! I would love love love to hear some of your speeches so please share them with me. 


I'm going to give it a go and start you off with a few lines...


I have a dream that all people, no matter their background, beliefs or the colour of their skin will be treated equally and feel comfortable in our society.

I have a dream that people around the world will live in peace, free from battle and war.

I have a dream that, after lockdown, people will continue to remember to take the time to slow down and breathe and spend more time with their families.

I have a dream that the oceans will be free of plastic, the rainforests full of trees and the atmosphere rid of harmful pollutants.