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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group:


Today in Letters and Sounds we are going to have a go at reading sentences in some Julia Donaldson Songbird books. Below you will find some videos of the books. 


Mute the video and see if you can read the sentences. You can press pause on each page to give you enough time. Can you spot lots of the digraphs we have been learning about recently?

This book is more of a challenge so only have a go at this one if the others were too easy:

Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


We are learning to spell the tricky words: said, so, have, like.

Practise Phase 4 and 5 graphemes: Play Flashcards: Speed Trial, Flashcards: Time Challenge.


Watch this video to help you learn today’s tricky words.


Today's Task: 

Practice spelling the tricky words said, so, have, like using the attached handwriting practice sheet.

Read the following sentences, sound talking any tricky words.


My nephew said the alphabet.

Will a dolphin whisper so that he can have a throat sweet?

An elephant said he flew like a bird.

Do you think that this is true?

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:


Today we are learning alternative spellings for the /c/ phoneme.


To begin today's lesson, practise reading the tricky words: some, come, were, who by playing Train Your Brain Phase 4.


Watch today’s video about the alternative spellings for the /c/ phoneme.


c   ck   k  x  q   can all make the /c/ sound.

Today's Task:


Complete the attached grid 'Alternative spellings for /c/'

Read the following sentences and highlight the alternative spellings for /c/.


The quick fox kicks like a cat.

A box of cookies is quite cool.

Can a skunk quack like a duck?