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Remote Learning Term 3

Rory wants you all to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Baking bread and brownies!

Feeding the birds

Red Class having 'snow' much fun!

Wow! This is amazing. Great teamwork from this bubble!

Sisters working hard at home together.

Treasure hunt!

Great river projects from Ollie and Arthur.

Little bee, little bee...a lovely poem!

Arthur has been working so hard this week!

I think the chocolate experiment might've been your favourite learning last week!

Ollie, Sam and Oliver's incredible papyrus artwork!

Working so hard!

Arthur's amazing papyrus Anubis!

Ros is slowly turning her house into a mini Ancient Egypt!

What wonderful Ancient Egyptian leaflets you have produced! They are all so unique. Well done for all of your hard work Elsa, Rosalind, Stanley, Xanthe, Rory, Millie, Sam, Arthur and Kim!

Polly was inspired to make an incredible Avengers information booklet!

Red Class's very own model!

Rory and Elsa's beautiful necklaces!

Red Bubble's excellent Egyptian necklaces!

Well done Elsa! You are working so hard and have some great insights here.

What a super learner!

Taking a break after hours of hard work to clean up our local beaches - inspirational young ladies!

Rosalind and Elsa's amazing Spanish work. Senora Taylor, I know you'll be impressed!

Kim's colourful Lego pyramid - even better than the Great Pyramids of Giza!

Someone's enjoying our topic!

After over 2000 years, Cleopatra is back!

Albion's awesome jaw and teeth model!

What an incredible model of the human digestive system! FABULOUS!

Meet Fiadh - Sam C's most amazing Christmas treat! We can all see why she was your favourite. So cute!

What an amazing mummy - but even more incredible - check out that handwriting!

Arthur's Magnificent Mummy!

Impressive Spanish learning from Rory!

A fabulous home-made mummy with our wonderful Arsenal boy pretending to be one!

A Lego sarcophagus! How very original!

Another beautiful mummy!

Well done Violet. A beautiful mummy.

What a mummy! This is exceptional. Well done.

I'm sure Señora Taylor is going to be very impressed with you Spanish learning, Ollie!

Sam C has certainly made a great start to Home Learning. Well done with those tricky instructions!