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  For English today you are going to be making a prediction about the story that we are going to be reading this term. This book is called ‘The Iron Man’ and it was written by Ted Hughes. Have a look at the front cover and the other pictures from the first chapter, below.

  I would like you to predict what you think is going to happen in this book, take time to look at all of the pictures and think about the title of the book. Have a think about the questions below:

  • Who do you think the Iron Man is?
  • Where do you think the Iron Man came from?
  • Where do you think the story takes place?
  • What do you think happens in the story?
  • Do you have any other predictions you would like to make?

  Remember to explain why you think these things.

  If you have already read this book then try to imagine what you might have predicted before you read the book, or think about what else the book could be about. Remember not to give away what happens in the story to anyone else – no spoilers!

  Once you have written your prediction have a listen to the first part of the story to start finding out if any of your predictions were correct.