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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group: 

Today we are going to have a go at reading some sentences. There is a Phonics Play game below to play. Just select Phase 3 and then select the sounds sh, ch, th or ng. There are three sentences to read for each sound.


If you would like a challenge, can you read these sentences? Perhaps you could draw a picture for one of the sentences and your grown-up could guess which sentence it is. 


Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


Today we will be revising the following diagraphs oy, ir, ue, aw. Watch this short video to remind yourself of these diagraphs. 

Visit the Phonics Play website and revise these diagraphs by playing 'Sentences'. Revise the Week 2 diagraphs by reading and saying the sentences out loud.


You may also like to play Dragon's Den, Picnic on Pluto or Buried Treasure.

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:


Reading Comprehension


Please find attached today's reading comprehension. Read the text carefully and more than once. Sound talk any challenging words. Choose out of the three sets of questions, you would like to answer. Read the question carefully.