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PHOTOS and VIDEOS - May 2020

So exciting! You can ride your bike without stabiliers! Well done! x

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I bet they've all really grown by now, I! You look just like a proper gardener! x

Excellent use of similes, H! Imagine if we all had a magical wishing tree! I think I know what lots of us would wish for... x

Look at this adorable Sock Family from C! x

Great Maths from you and your Recount writing is so exciting - I can't believe you found a shark's tooth at Beltinge! I agree, I think your Dad would like it! :-)

Thank you to the lovely boy who made this for me! x

Stunning detail in your observational drawings, well done! I really love the way you are holding your pencil too, it's perfect! :-)

It's really important to have fun time too - and this looks like SUPER fun! x

CHAMPION of Number Bonds to 20! I can't believe how super speedy your are! I'm incredibly proud of you! :-)

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I can't believe how good you are already! Look at that concentration too! Keep drumming! :-)

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Still image for this video

Look at this fantastic Art! I love how you are using your finger to track the part of the leaf that you are sketching! x

Fantatic detail in your observational leaf sketch - I love the light and dark lines. x

Stunning printing, accurate related facts and I love the key on your plan. x

Great printing and what a cool Rock Record Tree!

An excellent recount and such a great photo of you! Look at your monsters too, I love the difference between their hands and feet ! :-)

A wonderful drawing with light and dark shading. Well done! x

Now I know where to go when I want a new kitchen designed for me! I love how you've expanded your sentence with the word 'which' ... what a great plant, growing random toys! Well done A :-)

I am SUPER impressed with your dictation writing, fantastic spelling! I love the Science experiment and look at you riding your bike - go girl! x

Such a fun Scratch project from C (with a little help from Dad!). It's so funny when baby bear eats the cherry... she REALLY grows HUGE!!! X

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Weighing and measuring whilst making your sister's birthday cake - practical Maths in action! Superb plan of your bedroom with a key too! Well done! ;-)

Excellent Maths, I love to see all your own workings out and what a beautifully written letter. I bet that your Mum and Dad love learning with you and Scrabble is such a good game to develop your skills! Well done N! x

This is what N created from his base-frame ... what a fab house made from bamboo! Thanks Dad for helping him to build something so fabulous! :-)

Hello, N, great to see you looking so happy and I love your frame and your Andy Goldsworthy Art! :-)

Hello and thank you from Mrs Willis (in her greenhouse)!

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Miss Clegg's update on our seeds in the school garden

Still image for this video

I think someone's found the Magic Faraway Tree! Super photos and look at that doubling - fab mental maths skills E! x

Another great week of learning from this superstar! Great Maths with bar-modelling! x

Here I am in my garden holding the sunflower which I've planted for Yellow Class! x

AW, you are so CLEVER to write all of this code, I loved seeing your rocket move and how the earth rotates around the sun! I loved the music repeating too! WOW to you! xx

T, STUNNING printing, I love how you've used your hands too, what fun! Gorgeous colours for the leaves, if you mix red and blue, you get purple! x

F, look at your WONDERFUL learning! I actually can't choose my favourite - maybe it's the leaf printing or your character description with beautiful handwriting, commas and a simile! LOVE the Maths too, thank you for all that you are doing! x

R, I can't wait to hear all about your Great Grandad, I love this photo of you. Look at that wonderful growing & measuring ...this is EXACTLY the kind of activity we'd be doing if we were at school, comparing measures in cm! Well done! x

Thank you for my letter, H. I am keeping very busy at home, but I'd rather be teaching you guys! I loved your Art printing too! x

C's written version - 'As they were climbing, 'It was a strange sight', 'Seeing this, Frannie said...', 'a cascade of lollipops', they trooped in'. I LOVE so many of your word choices, I could list them all! Wow! x

I was BLOWN AWAY by this reading aloud! Clear, confident and beautiful expression for speech. Just WOW!! X

Still image for this video

N, what a super adventure story, I can't wait to hear your description of Edward the dog! Great purple pen editing too! x

You do make me smile, G! Well done for all that you are doing at home! :-)

Not only a talented cyclist, but a talented artist too! Great printing, D! :-)

These photos make me want to come cycling with you! The bluebell woodland trail is stunning! :-)

I love these photos, T... what a rocket, wow! Thank you so much for the detail in your letter ... I'm glad that you are enjoying the Maths and Computing and I am looking forward to seeing you again too! x

Beautiful printing with leaves and flowers, C. Mrs Willis is thrilled! x

Look at that concentration! Fabulous recreation of William Morris wallpaper, I love the colours and repeating pattern. x

N, you are such a super learner and I know that you are doing EVERYTHING that I have set you, well done! This Maths is laid out perfectly! x

Really stunning printing, H! We love the repeated pattterns and use of bold colours. My favourite one is the pears! x

Mrs Taylor will love this Spanish, A! Brilliant story with lots of adjectives like 'long' and 'wide', well done! x

Mo Salah, Ben Stokes, Lucy Bronze, Neymar .... I was wondering when Van Dijk would make an appearance in your story! Great sequencing, SUPERB use of punctuation and it's written in the third person, well done! ;-)

C, Mrs Willis is thrilled with these, thank you. Stunning use of colour too. x

Miss Clegg has been busy in our school garden planting seeds in a raised bed just for Yellow Class. Please stop and have a look if you happen to be walking past! Thank you so much Miss Clegg. x

Look at Mrs Kelleher's broad beans now! (3.5.20)