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Monday 6th July 2020

laughGood morning Yellow Classsmiley

How are you all?  I have now spoken to 17 children and I will be making more phone calls this week.  I will try to send you a text message before I call so that you know to expect me!  I feel that we are all starting to wind down now and I totally understand that you won't be quite so enthusiastic about completing all of the learning every week and that is absolutely fine.  Just do what you can!


This week, in English, you are continuing with your Gobi Desert posters.  In Maths, our last new topic for the year is about Volume and Capacity (measuring liquids in ml and l).  I think that my favourite this week is the Science learning - you will be studying a minibeast micro-habitat!  


Have a lovely week everyone.

Mrs Kelleher


Be safe, be good, be happy and be like David Attenborough!



PS. I'm sorry if was late uploading your photos and replying to emails last week - it was a really busy week for me!



Last week, we had a TT Rockstars Battle with Ospringe.  YELLOW CLASS, YOU ARE AMAZING, you were the 4th highest scoring class and that's against Yr3,4,5 and 6 children too!  I can't tell you enough how proud I am of you!! smileyyesheart


A special mention should be given to R, who (UNBELIEVABLY) got the third highest score out of everyone who competed!  Mr Adkins is super impressed and I hear that you even beat Mrs Bell... and she is really fast! To quote Mrs Bell, "He didn't just beat me. He wiped the floor with me!"