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  This week we have a TTRockstars battle against Year 4. Try to spend time on TTRockstars every day to improve your times tables skills and help Blue Class to win the battle! If you can’t remember your logins, just send me an email and I will let you know them. I will let you know next week who wins the battle!

  Today we are going to use the skills that we have learned this week to solve some problems. Have a look at some of the problems, can you solve them and what knowledge do you need to use to solve them? 

  There are some problems that have answers that are correct and there are a couple that are more open ended. The pictures below are the problems that have answers, the answers are in a document below the challenges. 


  Have a look at the links below to find some more problems/ challenges. The ‘times of day’ problem has lots of things you can explore with it, have a look below the pictures to find lots of ideas for the maths you can do with the pictures.

  The ‘matching time’ game is a memory game where you have to turn cards over to match different lengths of time (e.g. 60 minutes and 1 hour). There is a document you can print off and cut up to play away from the computer as well.

  If you want to challenge yourself with some more time related games, have a look at our extra challenges and play the maths game over there, it is tricky and I have yet to win it! Can you beat me and win the game?