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Unit 6: Numbers to 20


During yesterday’s lesson you were learning that the numbers 11-20 are made up of 1 ten and some more.  Were you able to express a number from 11-20 as tens and ones? For example, the number 14 is made up of 1 ten and 4 ones.

As a quick warm-up, watch the short video below and pay attention to how the numbers are formed and how they are written as words. Perhaps you could practice writing the numbers 10-20 on a piece of paper as you watch the video. Take care that your numbers are not written back to front!

In today’s lesson, you will continue to learn that the numbers 11-20 are made up of 1 ten and some more.



Watch today’s White Rose video which will explain today’s learning.

I have included your main worksheet for today and the answers. For those of you that particularly enjoy your maths learning, I have attached an extra worksheet.  

Click on the link below to play a fun mental maths game, helping you to understand place value. Make sure that you select the numbers up to 19 game.