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Term 3, Week 3 (18th - 22nd January)

Good Morning Red Class,

       WOW is all I can say! You are doing such an incredible job with your home learning! I am so impressed with all of the learning that has been shared with me.

       This week will be our last focussing entirely on Ancient Egyptians before we move on to the River Nile and Rivers in general. I hope you are enjoying your learning so far - REMEMBER: you are doing a FABULOUS job!

       We have also come to the end of our class text: Secrets of a Sun King. I have uploaded the final two chapters so please listen to these over the course of this week. I hope you enjoy the last couple of chapters and the twists and turns that the book takes. Let me know your thoughts!

       I am so happy to be heading back into school this week. I’m excited to see a few of you; though for everyone else who isn’t in school, please remember to email me if you need any help, want to show off your work or just need to have a chat. I will try to always reply to your emails by the end of the day (or feedback by the deadline given).

       Please remember that we find ourselves in very unusual times and, on some days, you might feel less productive (not get as much learning done) than others. And that’s okay! I’m exactly the same. Sometimes, you might need to take a break and go for a walk, play a game, bake some banana bread or something else that makes you feel relaxed. 

       Celebrations are in order too! Please listen to my recording below to find out all about our class TTRockstars and Nessy champions - and remember to clap along!

       Have a wonderful week,

       Miss Constantine 😊 xxx


P.s. For Thursday’s Science lesson, you will need a bottle of fizzy drink (if possible) to complete the experiment. 

Celebration Time!

Who are our champions?