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This week, Ethelbert Road will be taking on Boughton School in a virtual sports contest. You will be asked to compete in 8 activities and will receive points for each of them. 


The Challenges

Speed bounce: for 30 seconds 

Skipping: for 30 seconds

Football dribbling: for 30 seconds (set up five cones, or something else - each cone should be 1 metre apart).

Tennis keepie uppies: for 30 seconds

Sprints (10 metres): for 30 seconds 

Standing long jump: scores for 3 attempts

Chest throw: scores from 3 attempts (How far can you throw a football sized ball from a chest pass?)

Aim and throw: put 5 cones, or something else in a row for 5 metres in front of you. Each time you hit one, you remove it. How many can you knock down in 5 attempts?