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Languages at Secondary School

Good luck with your onward journey to learn languages at your chosen secondary school. 


Top tips from Señora T:


  • Learn the topic vocabulary and grammar as it is set so that you build up a brilliant bank of words that you can use for all topics. Keep looking back at your notes to help it to really "stick".
  • Listen to the programmes that you love in the target language  - you can add subtitles in English. Netflix, Amazon, Disney etc all have this feature... By doing this you will accustom yourself to hearing a foreign language and build up some new words too.
  • Get a good dictionary in the language - REMEMBER...DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!!!! A suggested dictionary for language learning would be "Collins Easy Learning dictionaries". 
  • Keep your work organised well as you cover each topic. 
  • Use apps such as Duolingo or BBC Bitesize to help make your learning fun - little and often is key to successful language learning.
  • ENJOY!

Click the links below for your chosen school's Foreign Language Learning curriculum information area:

(If I have missed out your new Secondary school then please do let me know)