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  Today you are going to be writing a letter, have a think about who you would like to write a letter to/ what you would like to write a letter about. You could write your letter:

  • Based on ‘The Iron Man’, as Hogarth or one of the farmers to the Iron Man, the police or someone else who might be able to help them.
  • Based on ‘The Iron man’, as the Iron Man explaining what you are doing.
  • To me (Miss Tucker), telling me about what you have been doing during lockdown, what you are looking forward to or nervous about when you come back to school, or anything else you would like to tell me.
  • To someone telling them about Faversham.
  • To someone about a local issue in Faversham.
  • About anything else you would like to write about.

Have a think about whether you will be writing a formal letter or an informal letter and why that is. You might want to make up a pretend address for you and for your recipient.

  There are word mats below to help you with spelling some trickier words for your letter as well as a layout that you can write on if you would like.

  This is your work that I will be sending feedback on this week, please send it to me by the end of Thursday and I will send it back by the end of Monday.