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Faversham Creative Writing Competition. Congratulations to our children for their winning entries!

Read Stanley's winning entry: The Invasion.

Bugsy Malone Trip

Friday 9th September

Today, we wanted to pay tribute to a fun-loving Queen, so we decided to write a poem:


Our Queen Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered about our Queen?

Well, this is what happened behind the scenes:

Dancing at royal landmarks

Secret shopping at Primark

Buckingham Palace hide and seek

With her many grandchildren every week

Visiting Paddington and the Browns

Whilst wearing her favourite crown

Often powdering her nose

Then sprinkling the corgis with a hose

Going to the gym to lift some weights

Being unfit she really hates

Throwing darts into works of art

Playing badminton in shopping carts

Partying with the guards

And flying a rocket ship to Mars

Singing the anthem in the shower

Eating cake hour by hour

Jumping out the helicopter with Bond

Snorkling in her garden pond

Swinging her handbag through the air

Whilst carefully curling her silver hair

Betting on a fast horse

Watching Hamilton finish the course

Looking on her computer

Then whizzing around on an electric scooter

Riding her horse around the town

Trying to figure out where she left her crown

Eating muffins

Petting puffins

Hundreds of hats she has

For when she goes out on the razz!

Skipping round the garden with her morning tea

Proud of herself for reaching her Platinum Jubilee!


By Onyx Class