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Mrs West has been working on your Year Book (which you will receive upon leaving school) and, over the coming weeks, she will need your reflections on your time at ERPS along with two photos. These should be emailed to the office who will then forward them to me. Your email should state FAO Mrs Calzada (Year Book). Here are some tips on what you could include:

  • Start by making a list of your best memories at school.
  • Think back to your time in the infants and different experiences in different year groups.
  • Choose three or four of your favourite memories and then write a few sentences to say what happened and why they stand out.
  • Think about school trips, exciting lessons, sporting events, responsibilities, special days, school productions, funny moments. In fact anything that was important for you!
  • Write a first draft to include a general opening comment about your time at ERPS, then include your memories and, finally a sentence to round things off.
  • When you are happy with your text, maybe ask someone else to read through it before typing it up and sending it to school.
  • Please also attach 2 photos of yourself: one where you are wearing your ERPS uniform (showing only head and shoulders) and the other of you doing something you enjoy (no uniform required for this one).


I hope that is clear. Try to aim for around 200 words. 

I have been asked to post some examples of pupil's memories from previous Year Books. Hope this helps!


My time at Ethelbert Road has been incredible! I have so many amazing memories! I remember in Year 5 when we went on a trip to Woodpecker Court and we were making popcorn. Our instructor handed out the popcorn but non of us knew we could actually eat it! We all looked at it and passed it on! It was so funny! One time, in cricket club, everyone was forced to wear a coat because it was wet, but I didn't have one. I had to wear Mr Mullender's coat and everyone called me mini Mullender! I remember in Year 3 when we had a sleepover at school. When we were all trying to get to sleep, Mr Perry turned on his phone and woke everyone up! Another favourite memory was when I was reading with my buddy. I let him choose where we were going to read and he chose the smallest container ever! I was squished. Lenny was happy though so that made me happy. I have loved my time at Ethelbert Road and I am excited for the journey ahead.



My time at Ethelbert Road has been an amazing experience that I will  never forget. I want to thank the teachers for making the lessons such fun. Back in Year R, I remember going to Botany Bay and paddling in the sea and having a Fab lolly as well as lots of fun! I have loved all of the sports competitions, even going to a Year 5/6 netball tournament and losing badly!...



Listing all of my favourite memories would be hard, but I have a few that stand out. I loved the time that we had a pancake race around the playground. Everyone ate theirs after except me because mine fell on a slug!...



What an amazing past seven years at Ethelbert I've had! There have been so many amazing memories, friendships and opportunities. I remember when our class had the main parts in Beauty and the Beast. I was cast as Fairy Flora and I absolutely loved my costume! My mum sowed lots of flowers onto it and even made me a magic wand. I loved wearing it on stage as it felt truly magical!...