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Week 5 - 2nd Feb



Hope you have had a great week. This week we are going to make a mini book. I love making mini books and I hope that you will enjoy it too.


You can either use the book below that is all ready to fold following the instructions when you have printed out. You can then read and work out what the Spanish in the book means.




You can make your own mini book and add whatever Spanish class items you would like to. This is a bit more creative and you can take your time over it. I would love to see the finished books once you have done them.


EXTENSION - you could add what colour the item is when you have coloured it in too. 


Un lapiz rojo

Una regla amarilla




How to fold a minibook

This video shows you how to make a small book using a piece of paper and a pair of scissors

En mi mochila roja