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Week 4 - hobbies review



Hi year 3, I hope you are all well. This week we are going to make a mini-book with our new hobby words in Spanish. I love mini books- you can make them for anything and everything so once you know how to do it, it's great!


Below I have included a video with instructions and a video of my hobby mini-book :-)


I have included the previous week's videos below too - to remind you of all of the new words that we have learnt this term. There have been a lot so it's a good idea to watch the videos again to remind yourself before doing today's task of making your mini-book. I look forward to seeing some of them!


¡Disfruta! Enjoy XX



Y3 Week 2 - mis pasatiempos - hobbies

Yr 3 Pasatiempos


This week I would like you to make a mini book with all of our hobby words. See the video link below for how to make your own mini book. You can add lots of colour with pictures and hobby words in Spanish.

How to fold a minibook

This video shows you how to make a small book using a piece of paper and a pair of scissors

Here is the start of my mini book...

Mrs T mini book hobbies

Mrs T mini book finished version