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Week 3 - 19th Jan - Games

Good Morning!

Hi Year 5, 


I hope you have had a good week.


TASK 1: This week I would like you to look back at the recorded lessons with our new words from the previous 2 weeks (See week 1 and 2 folders) to really make sure that all of the asignaturas vocabulary is in your head. This is because next week we are going to develop this further with some adjectives. Can you remember what an adjective is?!


You could email me some of the adjectives that you think would go well with your favourite and not-so-favourite lessons. E.g interesting, fun....


TASK 2: Below, I have added some games for you to play. This will also help you to practice all of the new words that we have learnt linked with Las asignaturas - School subjects.


Click on the links below for some fun games: