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Week 1 - 5th Jan -New words

Week 1:


Watch this video to learn five of the key words about hobbies that we will be using this term.

Yr 3 Mi pasatiempo favorito - My favourite hobby

WEEK 1 - week commencing 5th January - 5 enero

Now have a look at the BBC Bitesize link below, this is a story all about Charlie trying to find a new hobby. In Spanish hobby is un pasatiempo.


  • Read and listen along using the audio links for each section.
  • Then complete the quiz about the story. 

¿Qué es tu pasatiempo favorito? What is your favourite hobby?


You could make a poster with a picture of your favourite hobby and write a sentence saying what it is.


E.g Mi pasatiempo favorito es el arte - My favourite hobby is art

Mi pasatiempo favorito es el fútbol - My favourite hobby is football

Mi pasatiempo favorito es leer - My favourite hobby is reading