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Week 1 Los deportes - new words

¡Hola Year 4!


This term we are going to learn how to talk about sports in Spanish. 


Are there any sports that you really love?


Please watch the video below that teaches you some new sports words in Spanish. You will find it useful to watch it a few times because there are lots of words - pick your favourites to learn.

Vocabulario: Los deportes | La página del español

Aprende el vocabulario en español relacionado con los deportes. Fíjate que, dependiendo de la actividad, se utiliza el verbo "jugar", el verbo "hacer" o un v...

TASK: Please make a poster, powerpoint or mini-book of your 5 favourite sports from the video.  It could look a little like this picture below:




¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito?

What is your favourite sport?

*Please note that you can say basketball as el baloncesto or el básquetball.