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Week 1 - El sol. The Sun

¡Hola Year 1!


Hello! I hope that you enjoyed your half term and the snow the week before that too?!


I know that you are learning all about the weather this term so in Spanish we are going to learn some weather words too. 


This week our key word to remember is "El sol" - The sun. 


The link below is a yoga activity called Salute to the Sun "El saludo al sol".




En este nuevo vídeo educativo sobre yoga, los niños podrán aprender la postura del Saludo al Sol, formada por varias posturas como la postura de la cobra o l...

How do we say yellow in Spanish?




The yellow sun is. - El sol amarillo.


The say it is sunny we say "hace sol"

Watch the video link below so that you pronounce it correctly as it sounds a little different to how you might expect to say it.



El Sol - Yr 1