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Week 1 and 2 - 5th Jan: class items

I have put week 1 and 2 activities together this week as I wasn't sure if you had time last week for any of the activities since we didn't return to school until Tuesday XX

Yr 4 En clase - class objects


Can you draw and label five objects from the new words that we have learnt in Spanish to make a poster to teach the people you live with how to say them in Spanish?

En clase

Task 2:


Listen to the song below and think about what you would put in your rucksack - En mi mochila.


Do you recognise the colours too?


You could make your own outline of a backpack and add the items you would put in it.

Or use the rucksack outline below and draw and label your items. 


Remember to send anything you complete to Miss Constantine and I will add photos of your work onto here.

En mi mochila roja