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Wednesday 6th January

Word of the Day: devour

Verb: to eat hungrily or gobble up

How might a Viking use this word?



Today, we are going to learn about adding suffixes, for example -ED, -ING, -AL, -ENCE, -EE to root words ending in -FER. Before we begin, can you make a list of verbs that end in -FER? E.g. PREFER


Adding suffixes to words ending in –FER


  •   If the ‘fer’ syllable is stressed, double the last letter before adding the suffix.

E.g. In the word prefer, the syllable fer is stressed, so when adding suffixes –ing or –ed, the r letter is doubled: preferred


  •   If the ‘fer’ syllable is not stressed, you just add the suffix. E.g. In the word preference, the ‘fer’ syllable is not stressed so you just add the suffix –ence without doubling the r.


Work through the slides of the power point below to practise this rule. Then, write each word in a sentence. There is an additional word search which includes all the spellings.

I will set another task linked to these spellings on Friday.



LO: To read information texts about Viking beliefs, and to write retrieval questions based on your reading.


This week, we are going to learn about Viking beliefs. Norse mythology is rich with stories of gods, giants and mythical objects. In order to find out more, read through the Mythical Characters information texts, and then watch the BBC Video about Viking beliefs.

I would like you to write at least 10 questions based on your reading. These will be retrieval questions as the answers will be 'right there' in the text. I will use your questions to create an end-of-unit quiz on the Vikings! Create a word document and write the LO, date and your name at the top.

After writing your 10 questions, either...

  1. Write a short paragraph about a new god that you have created in the same style as the information texts you have read.
  2. Write a short paragraph about a new mythical object.
  3. Write a short paragraph about a new mythical setting which could form part of the Viking tree of life: Yggdrasil.

Email your documents to me:



The Viking Tree of Life: Yggdrasil

Norse Mythology Information Texts


Today, we are dividing by multiples by 10, 100 and 1000.


To complete today's lesson please go to:

Log in using your username which will be the first four letters of your first name and the first four letters of your surname. 


e.g. Matthew Adkins’ username would be mattadki 

I have sent the password to your parents.


Spend at least 30 minutes reading your chosen text. When you send me your word document for today's learning, could you also tell me which book you are reading at the moment.

Art and Design

This week we would like you to practise your portrait drawing. We are also going to link this to our topic by drawing a portrait of a Viking warrior. Use the grid technique given in the powerpoint below, and do send me photos of your work.

Portrait Drawing