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VE Day (75th Anniversary)


VE stands for Victory in Europe.  75 years ago, the Second World War (in Europe) ended on May 7th 1945. The next day, on May 8th, people all over the country had street parties and they all celebrated the end of the WW2.   

Task 1:

Can you ask your grown-ups if they have any family stories to tell about this? 


Task 2:

Make your own Bunting (optional):

Task 3

It's up to you!  If you feel really inspired by this event, then please feel free to find out a little bit more about VE Day.  I'd love to hear about any things which you might do/create/find out about.

Take part in a virtual Sing-a-long to 'We'll Meet Again"

Take part in a virtual Sing-a-long to 'We'll Meet Again" 1

Mrs Kelleher's Family Story

My Nan (Jenny) and my Grandad (William) met each other in 1940 (that's 80 years ago!). Soon after they met, my Grandad had to go to help in the War, and they said goodbye.  My Nan didn't know if she would ever see him again.


My Grandad was a mechanic and he fixed vehicles like army tanks and trucks.  He had  to go to India and Burma (which is now called Myanmar).  He travelled a long way to get there by boat and he also got very sick, because he caught a disease called malaria.


My Grandad was very proud to be helping his country and he used to tell me stories when I was a little girl. He loved to be helpful and he tried his best to fix things and solve problems. I still remember the story he told me about a monkey coming into his tent at night, stealing things!  He used to say "I'm sure that monkey was playing tricks on us!" 


When the War ended in Europe (VE Day, 8th May 1945), my Nan felt happy but also a bit sad because my Grandad was still a long way away, and she didn't know when he would return home.


Fortunately, he did return home later that year and they soon got married! What a happy ending!  heart