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Tuesday 19th January

Word of the Day: bombard (verb)

definition: to attack or overwhelm

like showering someone with gifts on their birthday

word pairs: bombard the enemy, bombard the town

etymology: Bombard comes from bombarde which means "catapult" in French.



This week, I would like to revise WORD CLASSES as some of you have said that you need more practice identifying different word classes. Work through the tasks below, and if you are still unsure about a particular WORD CLASS, check the glossary I have attached.

Answers can be found at the bottom of this page.


For topic this term you will be looking a Scandinavia, this will include learning about a city.

For comprehension this week we are looking at a non-fiction piece on London so that you can compare the cities later.

Most of you should be able to attempt Comprehension A. The comprehension is split in to two parts. Part 1 has retrieval questions and Part 2 has mixed questions. You are also asked to write down any words that you do not understand and find out their meanings. Before you reach for the dictionary, look at the word in context to try and work out the meaning yourself. 

Comprehension B has 1 part only and has some multiple choice questions to help those of you who may find these more complex comprehensions difficult. 


Please choose appropriately!



Today, we are thinking about dividing decimals again (Lesson 9 in the textbook.)


I have included a link to the Power Maths Textbook so you can access the discover task and the share section. I have also allocated any teaching resources that you might need. The White Rose video explains the concepts to be able to do this maths. You do not have to print off the question PDF, you can just write down answers on a piece of paper if you like. If you need any more help please, email me:


I hope to begin uploading, soon, our weekly First News newspaper.

Before we read the January editions, test yourself on this First News Quiz of 2020. Answers are at the bottom of the pdf.

First News Quiz of 2020