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Tuesday 12th January

Word of the Day: towering (adjective)

meaning: extremely tall

Like a mountain looming over you.

Word pairs: towering peak, towering trees, towering rage

Study Skills

I have attached a task which involves checking your understanding of Word Classes. Many of the spellings from the Year 5/6 spelling list are shown in this 'Colour by Word Classes' exercise. Do you know which words are NOUNS, VERBS, ADJECTIVES and ADVERBS? You can either print the pdf. at the bottom of this page (the answers are attached to the pdf.) or instead of colouring, create a table with four columns and add each word to the correct column. Use a dictionary if you're not sure.

Colour By Word Class


This week, we will be working towards writing a saga using storytelling language. As you know, sagas were stories that were told by word of mouth, passed on over time, telling tales of heroic deeds or adventures. 

We will start by watching this short video clip which tells the story of an aged Viking warrior. There is very little language in this clip so the story is told through the animation. Watch the clip then try to answer the INFERENCE questions about what you see happening. (choose either comprehension sheet A or B depending on how confident you are)

Remember that INFERENCE is one of the key VIPERS skills. If you need to recap on your understanding of inference, look in the READING FOLDER.

The Saga Of Biorn


Today, we are thinking about fractions as decimals again (Lesson 5 in the textbook.)


I have included a link to the Power Maths Textbook so you can access the discovery task and the share section. I have also allocated any teaching resources that you might need. The White Rose video explains the concepts to be able to do this maths. You do not have to print off the question PDF, you can just write down answers on a piece of paper if you like. If you need any more help please, email me:


Yesterday, I asked you to read about King Alfred. Today, I would like you to find out how and when England became a unified country. Read through the power point slides and the attached information texts. You may then, be able to answer that question. 

How and when did England become a unified country?

Click the link below for this week's Spanish