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This week we are learning all about CARS as part of our transport topic. Please watch the video below of the lovely Mrs Clinch reading  Mr Gumpy`s Motor Car. This is a lovely book by John Burningham.



- Draw a car and write the first sound of steering wheel that they can hear next to the steering wheel and the first sound of wheel next to the wheel.


- Have a go at drawing and labeling a car. Remember to use your sounds to have a go at writing the labels. We do not expect the children to be able to spell words at this age. It is appropriate for them to have a go and spell things phonetically. Lots of children will write w i l s for wheels as this is them using the sounds they have learnt and putting them together to the best of their ability at this age.  


- Draw a car and then write a short caption about the car e.g The car is red or

A car is big.



If your child is not confident to draw a car independently, there is a 2 minute video clip below showing them how to draw a car step by step.



Mr Gumpy's Motor Car by John Burningham

How to draw a car EASY step by step instructions