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This week`s focus story is The Enormous Turnip. If you do not have the book at home please don`t worry, we have uploaded a lovely video of the story.

It is a story about a farmer, his really huge turnip and teamwork. Many versions of this story have been told since the 1850s! In class we would be reading the story and talking about what plants need to grow. We would also talk about the importance of vegetables/fruit and what it means to be healthy. We would talk about the importance of teamwork and how important it is to help each other, and about the characters’ feelings.Please share this with your child over and over so they can become familiar with retelling the story and using the following story language (Once upon a time, early one morning, so, but, next, finally, after that, lived happily ever after).  You can also discuss what they liked/disliked about the story. 


Then Choose someone from your family to be in the ‘hot-seat’, where they are a character from the story. Ask the character some questions such as asking the farmer “how did you feel when you tried to pull it up on your own?” or asking the boy “why did you help?”. Swap places and characters with people in your family!


These activities really help your child`s speaking and listening skills.



The Enormous Turnip (Retold by Irene Yates)