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The Fall of the Aztec Empire

At the start of this topic, we looked at a famous painting by Diego Rivera called The Conquest of Mexico. Can you remember what the painter was depicting? Take another look at this detailed work of art.

This week, we are going to explore exactly what happened when Hernan Cortes came upon the city of Tenochitlan. Watch this this video clip to find out more.

I would like you to explore the resources I have uploaded to find out why such a powerful civilisation fell so quickly. There are a number of reasons. Can you name them?

  1. Explain to an adult in your family what happened to the Aztecs and why.
  2. Write a short summary to explain why the Aztec civilisation was defeated by the Spaniards. Don't forget to use your best English, and many of the historical words you have learnt over the course of his topic.

Ask History: What Happened to the Aztecs? | History

How and why did the once mighty Aztec Empire crumble in the 16th century? Ask History looks for answers. Subscribe for more History: