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This term, we are exploring William Shakespeare’s tragic play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but this week, I’d like you to find out more about the man himself.


I'd like you to conduct some research to find out a little more about the life and times of  one of Britain's best writers!


You could present this in any way you like: fact file, spider diagram, poster, or something else entirely.


Some information you might choose to include:

  • When and where was Shakespeare born?
  • Who was the reigning monarch?
  • Did Shakespeare go to school? If so, when, where, and what did he learn?
  • Did Shakespeare have any siblings?
  • Where did he live? What was his house called?
  • Did he get married, or have any children? What were their names?
  • How old was Shakespeare when he started writing plays?
  • How many plays did he write?
  • Where were his plays performed?
  • Which is his longest play?
  • When and where did Shakespeare die? How old was he?