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This week is our last week looking at our topic of the Romans. This week we will look at Roman religion. At the start of the Roman Empire the romans believed in lots of different gods and goddesses. Most of their gods and goddesses were based on the Greek gods and goddesses.

  Have a look at the information below about the different Roman gods and goddesses. Pick your favourite or the one you find the most interesting. You could write a fact file about them, draw a picture about them, write what you think a Roman might have prayed to them, write a story about them, make a PowerPoint presentation or even act like them for a little while if you would like!


  The Disney film Hercules is loosely based on a Roman/Greek hero so you may want to watch it to find out more about Roman mythology (stories about their gods and goddesses).

How did the Romans change Britain?

Later, Christianity began to spread through the Roman Empire, at first only a few people became Christians as it was against the law. In 313 The emperor Constantine declared that people were allowed to be Christians and by 391 it was the official religion of the Roman Empire.

  How do you think you would have felt about this if you have been living in Roman Britain?