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Who were the Aztecs?

Who were the Aztecs? 1

So, who were the Aztecs? I would like you to be able to answer this question by the end of the week! Start by looking at the powerpoint. This will help you to place the Aztec civilisation into context, and it will also help you to revise your chronological knowledge of world history.

Try to answer the questions after exploring the powerpoint.

You may have looked at this wonderful DK website last week to find out more about the Aztecs; however, if you haven't, do so now to discover where the Aztecs settled in Mexico. Then, watch the BBC clip to find out more about the remains of their civilisation. 
Picture 1
Last week, we looked at a painting by the Mexican artist Diego Rivera who depicted the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish 'conquistadors'. Thinking about the geography of Spain and Mexico, complete the following task to consolidate your geographical understanding.
                      Who were the Aztecs?