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Week Beginning Monday 10th February

Maths - We will spend this week learning about measuring lengths/heights in centimetres (cm), metres (m).  We will then compare and order some lengths.  It would be great if you could get practical at home and allow your child to use a ruler/tape measure to measure objects.  Also, ask "What unit would we choose to measure the length of the garden/the tv/a pencil?" (ie, it would take ages to measure a garden in cm, metres would be more appropriate). Thank you.


English/Topic  - After last week's hugely successful non-fiction writing all about The Great Wall of China, the children will write a similar report comparing School Life between China and the UK.  We will continue to use features such as: titles, sub-headings, using interesting ways to start our sentences (eg. Did you know, Amazingly, Surprisingly, It is interesting that ….). We will also be organising our sections into paragraphs.


Topic -SHAKESPEARE WEEK!  Our play is 'The Tempest' and the children have already created some amazing background art work for our hall display with Mrs Willis.  The Tempest involves a storm and this relates back to our prior learning linked to Grace Darling, so Mrs West and I thought it would be a good choice of play for Year 2!  We will explore the play through art, drama, poetry and writing.