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Last week`s learning 23/3

Monday 23rd March

Good morning wonderful Orange Class! We hope that you've had a lovely sunny weekend with your family. Our topic this term is Transport and this week is all about aeroplanes! We have thought of some fun activities to try throughout this week. Please don't worry if you don't complete them all, these are just some ideas. We would love you to carry on with your reading each day and have stories read to you.

Love from Miss Nutt and Mrs Stembridge




Start your day off with some jumping around to this Just Dance video!

Letters and Sounds

This week we are looking at the digraph ai. Think of words containing the ai sound. We have done this recently so they should have some ideas. E.g. rain, wait, train, pain. Play any of the phonicsplay games (make sure you select phase 3 in each game and then select the ai sound from the menu screen). There's one below to get you started.

Reading and Writing

This week's mode of transport to look at is aeroplanes and our focus story is The Way Back Home. You might have this book at home so read it lots if you do. Can your child retell the story by looking at the pictures, or reading some to the simple words in the text? Draw a picture of the story and write simple words or sentences to describe it.


This week we are learning to add two numbers (parts) together to make a whole. All our number work starts practically so ask your child to collect 3 toy cars and 2 teddies around your house. See if they can count the objects reliably in the two groups and then ask "How many are there altogether?" Repeat with a variety of different objects. Below are some PowerPoints and a template of the part part whole method. You could print and draw objects on the template.

Part part whole template


  • Design your own aeroplane.
  • Make an aeroplane out of junk modelling.
  • Make paper aeroplanes and see how far you can fly them.
  • Build an aeroplane at home out of cushions and blankets, make tickets, passports etc for an imaginary journey. Teddies or siblings could be the passengers!




Thursday 19th March - Maths

Thursday 19th March - Maths 1 Count the number of counters on each 10 frame.

Letters and Sounds

Join in with sounding out the words containing the 'or' sound. Have a go at writing a word like fort, torch, cork.

Write Dance

Watch this video to learn how to form the letter 'e'. See if your child can write it using different coloured pens and pencils. Can they write the words set, get and let?