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Term 4 - El tiempo Weather



As you are learning all about the weather this term, in Spanish we will also learn some weather words. 


The first key word to remember is "El sol" - The sun.


The link below is a yoga activity called Salute to the Sun "El saludo al sol". I hope that you enjoy it.

EL SALUDO AL SOL | Salute to the sun

How do we say yellow in Spanish?




The yellow sun is. - El sol amarillo.


The say it is sunny we say "hace sol"

Watch the video link below so that you pronounce it correctly as it sounds a little different to how you might expect to say it.



El Sol - Yr 1

Here is a lovely relaxation video for you. It is called Las nubes - the clouds.


There are some lovely key words used that link with your weather topic - see the video below to remind you of the new words we are learning in class.

Las nube - Clouds

🎶 LA NUBE | Clouds relaxation