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Term 3 - School, China and los animales de china



Hi Year 2! I hope you are all well. I have seen some children this week and been super impressed at their memories - remembering all of the Spanish animals. Bien hecho - well done!


Mrs Kelleher has told me that this week you are learning all about school-life in China so I thought that it would be a good idea for you to learn a little about school in Spain too. 


Below are two videos to watch and see what you think about Spanish school. 


Next week, as you learn about the animals from the Chinese Zodiac with Mrs Kelleher, we will learn how to say those animals in Spanish too. 


Señora T XX

I have just found this little video I thought you would like too:

This week when I was out on my walk I saw a kingfisher - it's by the stream on the opposite side of the road to the duck pond.

In Spanish a kingfisher is un martín pescador

(I didn't know that was how you said it, so I looked it up in the dictionary and thought I would share it with you too to add to your animal vocabulary!)

Week 5 - Animals of the zodiac

Please see the lesson below for how to say the Chinese animals of the zodiac in Spanish. I have then provided a worksheet to practice the words. 

Chinese zodiac animals